grandma’s perogies

Acidic cabbage is formed during the fermentation of glucose and cabbage juice. This production arose for a long time, including earlier, than potatoes. It is common to consider that the grandma’s perogies acidic cabbage supplies the body with the necessary vitamins in the period of vitamin deficiency. It is simply impossible to mark a clear way of this provision, thus as well as at any owner someone own personal and unique. In acidic cabbage is quite a large amount of ascorbic acid, that is beneficial to the immune system. As a result, the body is more correctly opposed to various viral and infectious diseases. Since there is Centrum C and granulosa in the sour cabbage, the beloved does better digestion, thus as well as these elements activate peristalsis and favorably have a great influence in the service of the intestinal tract. These qualities in particular will be useful for people with constipation. It is confirmed that the solution with sour cabbage makes a better position after drinking.

Since in this embodiment, the cabbage is not quite enough calories, this product may have in the period of weight loss. Systematic consumption of acidic cabbage increases stress resistance and makes better the interchange of elements in the body. In addition to this product has a positive effect in erythropoiesis and promotes rejuvenation of cells and materials. In cabbage there is an element that can help restore the degree of cholesterol in menstruation and enhance the soul. Representatives of the stronger sex will be advisable to understand that the acidic cabbage favorably affects the strong potency.