Selling and buying houses is a common and common thing. Despite the same goals-to get the maximum benefit for yourself-the interests of the seller and the buyer in this transaction vastgoedmakelaar are opposite. Therefore, in order to learn how to quickly sell a house , it is necessary to collect certain information, taking into account some aspects. To begin with, analyze the market value of your home in several online resources that publish private ads to objectively assess the price of real estate and get a decent amount of money without asking for unreal figures. Otherwise, the sales process may be delayed. View all listings for homes in your area for the last quarter with similar conditions – house size, number of rooms, utilities. Finding out the average price of similar houses in the city, for a quick sale it will have to be reduced by 15 — 20%. You may need to use the services of an independent appraiser, especially if buyers dream to buy your home on credit or you have doubts about the adequacy of the price.

Do not initially overestimate the price level, hoping then to reduce it. All sorts of notes such as» bargaining is appropriate»,» discounts » often do not work – the main guide for the buyer is the initial price (although there are fans to bargain). Know that your house is worth exactly as much as it is ready to offer the market, and not as much as you want to sell it. It follows that some time should be spent on the study of real estate prices in your area. Obviously, the house of the same area, located in the Resort area will cost much more than a house in any Devyatkino. On average, the sale of the house takes about 6 months, but if you need to sell the house quickly, a proven way to solve the problem-the appointment of the value below the market for such proposals. How to sell a house quickly and expensively? Much depends on the season. For rural homes will be favorable spring and summer holiday season and holidays. Real estate liquidity (the probability to sell it quickly) increases the availability of communications.