Alibaba e-Commerce giant t-Mall platform uses blockchain technology in its cross-border supply chain, with the assistance of Cainiao logistics company.

According to a report by Chinese news Agency Xinhua on Wednesday, the partners aim to transfer information about the goods for import and export on the blockchain, to trace their origin, method of delivery, ports of departure and arrival and details of the customs statements.

Alibaba, an investor of Cainiao, has repeatedly expressed the belief that the blockchain has a significant potential, which should be adopted by the field of cross-border e-Commerce.

According to the organizers, the project will allow Chinese consumers from various cities within the scope of Cainiao, including Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, to track logistic information about 30,000 goods from 50 countries through the mobile application of blockchain-based e-Commerce.

Alibaba expects that T-Mall will increase consumer confidence in the concern’s products, as it will contribute to the effective fight against counterfeit products.

The VeganNation platform positions itself as the first vegan-oriented community to launch its own cryptocurrency called VeganCoin.

The platform is an online marketplace selling vegan products and services, as well as allowing users to share vegan-oriented content such as recipes, tips and joint purchases at nearby restaurants. Users VeganNation can use VeganCoin to encourage each other in the provision of these services.

Through the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts, the founders of the network claim that VeganCoin will be able to offer a level of transparency that will allow to avoid participation in all sorts of atrocities associated with the average methods of food production today.

Isaac Thomas, co-founder and CEO of VeganNation, has been a staunch vegan for two years and hopes that the platform will help make this lifestyle more accessible and sustainable for people.